The definitive edition of the 1926 classic

Many of today’s spiritual teachers make mention of Mu, a lost continent that most of us know very little about. That all changes with this timely re-issue of the 1926 classic by James Churchward, The Lost Continent of Mu: Motherland of Man, now supplemented with fresh research and new material by the author’s great-grandson.

In the 1920s, James Churchward wrote a series of groundbreaking books about the lost continent of Lemuria which he called the land of Mu. The basic premises are these:
* The Garden of Eden was not in Asia, but on a sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean.
* The Biblical story of creation came not from the peoples of the Nile, but from this now submerged continent of Mu – the Motherland of Men.
* Mu was an advanced civilization of 64 million inhabitants

The elder Churchward obtained the information by living with monks and translating unknown manuscripts. Over the years, his books have come to be considered occult classics. Now his great-grandson, Jack Churchward, has resurrected this valuable work and added his own research.


* The Lost Continent
* The Land of Man’s Advent on Earth
* Egyptian Sacred Volume, Book of the Dead
* Symbols of Mu
* North American’s Place Among the Ancient Civilizations
* The Geological History of Mu
* Ancient Religious Conceptions
* Ancient Sacred Mysteries, Rites and Ceremonies